Funeral Programs

A funeral program is a program of the events of a funeral ceremony as well as a keepsake memory of the individual. By their very nature, custom funeral programs are rush jobs. Even though we must design and print them quickly, we take pride in providing a keepsake that is elegant, tasteful and timeless. I still have the funeral program from my father’s funeral. We didn’t design or print it. When I look at it, I feel bad that it’s not a very nice program. It doesn’t represent his life.

Funeral program structure: We normally do 8 pages (but can do more or less). Given the structure of the funeral program (a booklet), the number of pages should be divisible by 4 (4,8,12,16…) Each page is 8.5” tall by 5.5” wide. (but we can do other sizes of funeral programs). The cover generally has a picture as well as their name and life information. The next page of the funeral program is the order of service. Page 3 of the funeral program is the obituary. Pages 2-4 are photos and or tributes. And finally, the last page lists any participants in the service (i.e. pallbearers etc.).

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