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Last week, we discussed how a custom PowerPoint template will really up your game in terms of looking professional. Especially now! During this time of Covid-19 lock-downs, and working from home, and zoom meetings! SO. MANY. ZOOM. MEETINGS!!

You use the PowerPoint templates every time you’re creating a presentation. If you have a custom designed template, specific to your company, it helps reinforce your image with your audience.

When design a template, It’s important to use your logo, and your corporate colors. Don’t have corporate colors? It’s time to get some. If you have a logo, you need corporate colors. Either pull the colors from the logos. Or choose complementary colors.

Setting up a template is a little bit tricky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could eat up hours of your time. But once you have it, you’re set.

We’re experts at creating just the right PowerPoint template. Along with your colors, and logo, tell us what you’re trying to convey. Seriousness? Fun? Corporate? Creative? Our design will take into consideration all of these factors.

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Custom Design PowerPoint Slide

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