More Uses for QR codes

QR codes and Smart phones — A modern miracle

QR codes so useful! We’ve recently done several more projects using QR codes in completely different ways.

Here is an invitation for a ‘Stock the Bar -Stock the Toolshed’ wedding shower. We created and printed a QR code that goes straight into the couple’s registry. The invitation with a QR code makes it so easy for the invitee to scan the code with their phone and go straight into ordering a present!

Wedding Shower Invitation with QR code

Another job we just completed was QR codes for a fleet of commercial vehicles. The company is a consumer services provider. Their truck had their contact info, but we felt like a QR code to take potential customers straight to the company web-site. When their potential customers are stuck at a traffic light, they can scan the QR code to get to the web-site. Or if the service provider is parked at your neighbor’s house, and you could use their service too, you can just scan the QR code for info!

Here’s another project for an OB/GYN practice. One is a poster that they put in their examination rooms.The poster reminds the patients to register on the patient portal.

QR code for Patient Portal Registration

This one is given out to OB patients to remind them to pre-register at the hospital in anticipation of their child’s birth/hospital stay.

QR code for registration

If you questions about how you can use QR codes in your business or organization, call us!

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