A recent Project: Custom Name TAGS

Custom Name Tags with LaNyards or Belt Pulleys

Here is a recent project we undertook for a an OB/GYN practice. The customer had asked for name tags with their logo as well as a pulley that could be customized with their new logo. The pulley/name tag holder could then be worn on the belt. The tricky part of this project was the fact that most pulley suppliers require a purchase of a large quantity. That didn’t make sense for this practice. We were able to secure a small number of pulleys for them, and created a nice name tag. The name tags were then laminated in plastic with rounded corners. The project came out so nicely, the customer just contacted me for matching printed lanyards!!

Here is an example of the name tags and pulleys.

Give us a call today for your laminated name badge and pulley or lanyard project!

Please note, this is a quick job…but ordering the pulleys may take a bit of time.

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