EMployee Handbooks

Even though some printed material is going away in favor of on-line versions, there are still many things that should be in hard copy print. One of those is employee handbooks. Printed employee handbooks provide employers with a greater level of confidence regarding employee participation. They are also more handy as a reference to employees versus an online handbook. Think about how much more handy printed directions are when you buy a new appliance! It’s super hard to stop, get your phone out, log into a site and try to follow installation instructions via the small surface of your smartphone. It’s the same with an employee handbook. The printed employee handbook is simply a more courteous avenue for imparting information.

We have an abundance of experience producing employee handbooks! Contact us for help with setting up and printing your employee handbooks. We do small runs to large runs of employee handbooks. Since this a job type that we do quickly and easily, we are able to give favorable

Here is a recent Employee Handbook job.

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