Custom Wrapping Paper

Look at this!! Custom holiday wrapping paper. Put your name, put your pictures! We can ship anywhere!

custom wrapping paper
Add your name to make this custom wrapping paper
Add your name to make this custom wrapping paper
Add your name to make this custom wrapping paper

Look at this link for your selection–Parties/Wrapping-Paper/

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Very last minute promotional items

are you looking for promotional items fast?

Sometimes you’re in a super rush to get a promotional item. A last minute show? Someone forgot to order? A last minute sales call? Whatever the reason, if you need a last minute promotional item, we can help!

A bit of education first. If you’re calling all over Atlanta, looking for promotional items that you can get fast, you may find that you’re out of luck. Specially engraved mugs, imprinted pens, or customized golf balls simply cannot be had in a 1 day turnaround for a reasonable amount of money. The roadblocks are: First, you have to get the promotional items (from somewhere overseas). Then there’s the matter of imprinting them. I’d advise you to stop wasting time calling around looking for these things.

This doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! We can do fast turnaround on items such as calendars, notepads, or notebooks. Usually in under 2 days!

Take a look here at some of theist minute promotional items we can do for you!

Fast Promotional Items in Atlanta
Custom Calendar
Fast Turnaround Promotional items Atlanta
Custom notepad
Fast Promotional Items Atlanta
Fast Turnaround Custom Promotional Items
Fast Promotional Items Atlanta
Custom Graph Notepad
Fast Promotional Items Atlanta
Quarter page Notepad

Atlanta vehicle graphics

Look here!! See pics below for some of our recent vehicle graphics projects. We can help you turn a plain service vehicle into a driving advertisement for your company. Vehicle graphics can provide a professional image to your company. Vehicle graphics done correctly can elevate the first impression your customers experience. Vehicle graphics also promote your services or products on the roads.

And as always, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend QR codes on your vehicles is you’re promoting to the public. Think about this, you’re driving down the road, and reach a stop light. Right in front of you is a roofer’s service vehicle. You’re in the beginning stages of replacing your roof. Their phone number is on the back of the truck. You scramble to find a pen, and something to write on. Hurry!! Before the light turns green. Success! You got the number. You call later. Oh oops, wrong number! Now you’ve lost a potential roofer. And they’ve lost a customer!! On the other hand what if there had been a QR code on the back of the truck? All you would have to do is snap a pic of the QR code which directs you straight into the web-site, or phone number!! This one is a no-brainer.

Atlanta Vehicle Graphics
Example of an upcoming job (this one isn’t ours/we have a similar one in the works)

OUtdoor signs

We can help with your outdoor signage projects

Take a look at some of our recent outdoor signage projects: We can project manage your complete outdoor signage project from inception to completion. At the beginning, we will consult with you and take measurements. Next up, a concept design. Revising if you’d like changes. And then the manufacturing of the outdoor signs. Last step is the installation of your new outdoor signs. Call us! We are talented project managers with the experience to guide you through your outdoor sign projects!

Pageant program book ads

We’ve been INVOLVED with printing & designing for pageants for YEars…

Take a look at some of the examples we’ve created for a variety of contestants. Our pageant program book ads can be found in program books that we’ve printed, as well as outside pageant programs! We can do simple quarter page ad designs half page ad designs, and whole page ads. We have fast turnaround (unless a lot of photoshop work is requested), and reasonable pricing. Our rate is $60/hour, and most ads can be completed in less that 2 hours.

Pageant Program Book Ad Design
Pageant Program Book Ad Design
Pageant Program book ad
Pageant Program book ad
Pageant Program book Ad
Pageant Program book Ad
Pageant Program Book Ad Design
Pageant Program Book Ad Design

Contact us with your pageant program book ad needs. (We can also design/print your pageant books! But that’s another post!!)

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Now Hiring Ideas

For many reasons, there is currently a labor shortage. If you’re a business owner, looking to hire, how do you get the message to potential hires? There are many strategies. Several that we can help with are detailed below.

now hiring signs

A series of yard signs placed near your place of business can be effective. Especially if you use several of them. People become curious by the visual repetition. Now Hiring signs are even more effective if your place of business is near a busy road.

I see Now Hiring Signs all the time while I’m driving. I think these signs can be VERY EFFECTIVE if you include a QR code on them. Giving potential hires the opportunity to simply snap a pic of your info is so much more efficient than hoping they’ll be able to find a scrap of paper and pen and write down your phone number while driving by!!

Click here for more info on QR codes

Now Hiring Yard Signs

employee referral programs

See here for Hiring Cards.

An Employee Referral program is very effective! Employees are incentivized to refer their friends or relatives. We have design cards where employers offer $100, $250, and even $500 to current employees for a hired referral. One thing to note: you must put conditions in place to make a referral program succeed. For example, many companies require that a referred new hire must stay employed for a certain amount of time before the referring employee is paid. Also, skilled positions often have a higher referral bonus associated with them.

HOW CAN ALLEGRA HELP with your Now Hiring needs?

  • Graphics: We can design eye catching, practical signs/banners/and referral cards
  • Printing: We can print signs, cards, banners
  • Fulfillment: We can warehouse/send your hiring collateral anywhere in the US
  • Advice: We can help you create your message

Wedding Invitations

Updated wedding invitation Designs

Wedding Invitation design is ever changing. Look at this link to see new designs.

So many of these examples incorporate texture as well as visual elements. In addition, these wedding invitations are available in many colors. There are so many ways to make these invitations unique. In addition to varying colors, there are also many font selections. Also, accent and envelope colors can add uniqueness.

Wedding Invitations

Here is an example that incorporates both texture and color. The envelopes are on ‘pearlized’ stock, and are available in many colors including black, and ecru.

If you need wedding invitations, contact us.

Black Wedding Invitation
Another black wedding invitation

Greeting and Holiday Cards for Business

Contact us for a catalog/free shipping

As a manager, or business owner, you should be looking for ways to make your company be remembered. Obviously, a great product or excellent customer service are the most important factors. However, to differentiate yourself even more, sending greeting cards are effective. Who sends out custom greeting cards to their customers? Employees? Vendors? Not many of us!

Custom Happy Birthday cards and Happy Anniversary cards are low key, but effective and unique ways to recognize others. Don’t forget Thank you cards! While we all know they’re important, so few of us take the time to write/send one.

Consider buying a boxed assortment of these type of cards to keep on hand. Look here for our assortment pack of professional business greeting cards. You can personalize them a hand written message.

We have full color catalogs available of cards to order. Including pre-orders for holiday cards. Please contact us to receive this free catalog with free shipping!

Employee Appreciation Cards

employee retention ideas

Right now one of the most important issues facing employers is attracting and retaining employees. On the employee retention front, we did a job this week for a large employer of manufacturing jobs.

The Human Resources Manager at one of their locations is doing creative things to make sure that the current employees feel appreciated. For example, she has initiated a program at her facility where the managers are tasked with recognizing employees and their outstanding contributions to the plant.

She had us create a set of thank you cards with appreciative messages on the outside, a promise of a reward on the inside, and room for a hand written note.

Here are the phrases that we incorporated into a card design. The card ‘look’ was based on the elements of their corporate image.

Here is an article about techniques for employee retention. Not only does it reinforce the idea of employee encouragement and recognition, it also offers some other retention ideas.

If you’re interested in creating your own employee appreciation cards, contact us.

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