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EMployee Handbooks

Even though some printed material is going away in favor of on-line versions, there are still many things that should be in hard copy print. One of those is employee handbooks. Printed employee handbooks provide employers with a greater level of confidence regarding employee participation. They are also more handy as a reference to employees versus an online handbook. Think about how much more handy printed directions are when you buy a new appliance! It’s super hard to stop, get your phone out, log into a site and try to follow installation instructions via the small surface of your smartphone. It’s the same with an employee handbook. The printed employee handbook is simply a more courteous avenue for imparting information.

We have an abundance of experience producing employee handbooks! Contact us for help with setting up and printing your employee handbooks. We do small runs to large runs of employee handbooks. Since this a job type that we do quickly and easily, we are able to give favorable

Here is a recent Employee Handbook job.

DOT Inspections Stickers

DOT inspections stickers for commercial vehicles:

We provide these for a number of operations. The stickers signify that the commercial vehicle has been inspected and meets the US Department of Transportation requirements. We are able to produce custom inspection stickers in a variety of formats. We cause you company logo to customize the stickers. There are also formats available where a check mark indicates compliance. Or bigger stickers are available on which notes may be written.

DOT Inspection STickers Come in ROlls

The most common format that we provide these stickers is on rolls. The rolls provide any easy format to transport the stickers from station to station. They’re also easy to peel off the roll.

Check here for Examples

Custom printed t-shirts

t-shirt screen printing atlanta

We have experience custom designing and screen printing T-Shirts! We got involved in printing T-shirts by accident: Both of our kids were high school runners. The events that they ran in often needed T-shirts, and the organizers started turning to us. Years have gone by, and we still continue printing for many running events. We’ve also expanded our scope from printing running event T-shirts to printing T-shirts for many of our customers.

Whether you need printed T-shirts for an event or your company UNIFORMS, we can help!

Take a look here at some of the jobs we’ve done:

Graphic Design:

Marketing Flyers, Sell Sheets, Leave Behind Information

Whatever you call them, we specialize in the design and printing of flyers and sell sheets. Whether you want to send brochure or flyers to potential customers through a mail marketing campaign, or have sell sheets to leave behind after a sales call, we specialize in designing these type of marketing pieces.

If you need it, we can can also provide mail services associated with a mail marketing campaign. But that’s for another post. We can also print these flyers for you no matter the quantity you need. Or if a flyer is simply going to be a part of your digital campaign, we can provide the flyer in an electronic format.

Take a look here at some of our past pieces.

Direct mail campaigns

postcards, letters, return mail campaigns…we do it all!

We’ve got the experience and expertise to help you with all your direct mail campaigns. Whether you need the whole package:

  • Direct Mail Design
  • Direct Mail Lists
  • Direct Mail Printing
  • Direct Mail Envelopes
  • Direct Mail Return Envelopes

Or just an element or two of the above list, we’ve done it!

Call us when you need direct mail experts. We’ll advise you on the postage, and insure that you get the best possible rates for your campaign.

Take a look here at some of our recent direct mail campaigns:


Uses for Stickers and Labels

We have helped many customers with their sticker and label needs. We’re experts in helping you select the correct products. Whether you need a label with instructions for your product, or a weatherproof contact information sticker for your outdoor equipment, we know how to help!

Labels and stickers come in many different delivery formats also. We can provide you labels on rolls, on sheets, or as cut sizes. We can also do oversize labels in small to single quantities. We can even do specialty labels for your food products. For instance, we’ve provided HOT POUR labels for a barbecue sauce sell. These labels are applied to the container prior to the hot product being poured in. The labels are able to withstand the heat of the HOT POUR.

Some other examples of stickers labels and decals that we’re able to provide for customers are: Business card stickers which may be applied to leave behind materials, dealership labels which are removable, but can be used on the car to promote a feature or service, QR codes to be applied to equipment with a link to instructions, address labels, and calendar stickers.

As mentioned here, we can also do labels for your vehicles.

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CAR DECALS: Company Vehicle Decoration


Let us help you with your company vehicle look if you’re in the Atlanta area. We have helped multiple clients with their fleet vehicles. Company logo decals, cut vinyl lettering, phone numbers, vehicle decoration, and QR codes are just some of the areas where we can help. Whether you need design assistance, production of decals, or the whole package: Design/Produce/Install. We have an excellent installer, and use only premium 3M products.

Take a look at some of our recent projects.

6215 Regency Parkway
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Norcross, GA 30071

A recent Project: Custom Name TAGS

Custom Name Tags with LaNyards or Belt Pulleys

Here is a recent project we undertook for a an OB/GYN practice. The customer had asked for name tags with their logo as well as a pulley that could be customized with their new logo. The pulley/name tag holder could then be worn on the belt. The tricky part of this project was the fact that most pulley suppliers require a purchase of a large quantity. That didn’t make sense for this practice. We were able to secure a small number of pulleys for them, and created a nice name tag. The name tags were then laminated in plastic with rounded corners. The project came out so nicely, the customer just contacted me for matching printed lanyards!!

Here is an example of the name tags and pulleys.

Give us a call today for your laminated name badge and pulley or lanyard project!

Please note, this is a quick job…but ordering the pulleys may take a bit of time.

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Norcross, GA 30071