Custom Napkins

add an extra pop to your parties with event specific napkins!

Custom napkins are an easy way to add an extra touch to your next event. Custom printed napkins are available in luncheon size of cocktail size. Take a look at the link, to get the full selection. Call us for help with the design.

You can get custom printed napkins in almost any quantity, starting at 100 napkins. We will need a week to 10 days to custom print napkins for you.

Here are some examples of custom printed napkins:
custom napkins for weddings
custom full color custom napkins
custom birthday party napkins
custom baby shower napkins
custom wedding shower napkins

Contact us for custom printed napkins for all occasions:

  • Custom Wedding Napkins
  • Custom Birthday Party Napkins
  • Custom Graduation Party Napkins
  • Custom Reunion Napkins
  • Custom Baby Shower Napkins
  • Custom Wedding Shower Napkins
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Rush Print Jobs – Atlanta

Let us help you with your rush printing needs

Do you need a quick print job done in Atlanta? Let us help you! Often times we can turn an emergency print job around in a day. Some examples of rush print jobs we can do are: business cards, brochures, sell sheets, marketing materials, booklets, forms and even lopes. We can help with the design of the pieces, or we can handle the rush printing. Either way, there is not a ‘rush charge’ involved with our work.

Call us for help with your rush print jobs in Atlanta! or Email us for a rush print job in Atlanta!

More Uses for QR codes

QR codes and Smart phones — A modern miracle

QR codes so useful! We’ve recently done several more projects using QR codes in completely different ways.

Here is an invitation for a ‘Stock the Bar -Stock the Toolshed’ wedding shower. We created and printed a QR code that goes straight into the couple’s registry. The invitation with a QR code makes it so easy for the invitee to scan the code with their phone and go straight into ordering a present!

Wedding Shower Invitation with QR code

Another job we just completed was QR codes for a fleet of commercial vehicles. The company is a consumer services provider. Their truck had their contact info, but we felt like a QR code to take potential customers straight to the company web-site. When their potential customers are stuck at a traffic light, they can scan the QR code to get to the web-site. Or if the service provider is parked at your neighbor’s house, and you could use their service too, you can just scan the QR code for info!

Here’s another project for an OB/GYN practice. One is a poster that they put in their examination rooms.The poster reminds the patients to register on the patient portal.

QR code for Patient Portal Registration

This one is given out to OB patients to remind them to pre-register at the hospital in anticipation of their child’s birth/hospital stay.

QR code for registration

If you questions about how you can use QR codes in your business or organization, call us!

Party Specific Promotional Items

How to take your event to the next level

Let us help you with event specific promotional items. We can help with creating items specific to your upcoming event. We can help with design and imprinting of promotional items. Here is an example of a small project that we recently completed for some friends.

The event was a “Stock the Bar/Stock the Toolshed” wedding shower. The couple’s theme focussed on their Scottish heritage, including a specific tartan. We created a few items centered on this theme that incorporated their tartan.

Here are two of the items we created:

Custom printed drink cooler (AKA beer coolie of Koozie…although this one isn’t the Koozie brand)

We used their plaid as a background, then created a logo to reflect the theme of the party. Since it was a Stock the Bar & Toolshed wedding shower, our logo featured a corkscrew and screwdriver!

You can look for items such as these here:

Here are the cocktail napkins we created. We also used the plaid for these custom printed napkins.

Custom printed cocktail napkins

You can click here for custom printed napkins

Or contact us today for help with the design and execution of your event custom promotional items!

Prescription Pads

… obscure but necessary!

Most prescriptions are handled electronically from the doctor to the pharmacy. However sometimes a doctor or caregiver needs to write a prescription. They need prescription pads. Believe it or not, there are many restrictions on preparing and selling prescription pads. For example, prescription pads must be printed on non-copiable paper. Also, purchase of the prescription paper is limited only to printers. Paper suppliers are responsible for determining if the paper purchaser is legitimate. And it goes on.

Here is an example of a recent project that we did for an OB/GYN practice.

Custom Printed Prescription Pad

Quinceañeras Invitations

Quinceañera Invitaions in Atlanta Georgia

Let us help you with your Quinceañera invitations! We have a huge variety of Quinceañera invitations. Come in and look at our live samples, or view them online here:

Here are some pictures of our available quinceanera invitations
Quinceanera invite
Quinceanera invite
Quinceanera invitation
Quinceanera invite
quinceaneras invitations – Printing in atlanta

SE Habla espanol by appointment


ORder online!

Spring is the time to start thinking about Graduation Announcements! If you have someone graduating this year, take a look at our Graduation Announcement selections. We added a new feature: You can complete your order online, and have them sent straight to your home.

Here are a few examples of our offerings:

Graduation invitation
Graduation Announcement
Graduation Invitations
Graduation Announcement
Graduation Invitations

View and order your graduation announcements and graduation invitations online!

Indoor Sign Printing

Atlanta poster printing

Last week we saw a lot of orders for indoor sign printing. The purpose of your indoor sign printing may vary, but we can help with any needs in this department.

Indoor sign for an OB/GYN practice

We did this sign for an OB/GYN practice. They are rebranding, and wanted a sign for the lobby to make the announcement to their patients. We did both the design and printing for this indoor sign.

Indoor Sign for Retailer

We printed this sign for a retailer to post in their stores.

Here is an indoor foam core sign that we printed. This is in my office, just for decoration.

Sign Printing Atlanta

Brochure Printing Atlanta

And Brochure Design Atlanta

Brochures are still a very important marketing tool! Believe it or not in this digital age, people still like to give and receive brochures. There is an immediancy with putting a brochure in someone’s hands that isn’t there when you send an e-mail, or direct someone to a web-site. A well designed brochure, printed on quality paper will create a good impression with the recipient.

We design and print brochures for every imaginable type of organization. There are informational brochures for non-profits, and churches. There are sales brochures for leave behinds after a sales call. There are attraction brochures (or rack cards) at hotels. The types and uses of brochures are endless. But please remember, good design is super important in brochure printing. If the design is bad, or the resolution of the art isn’t high enough, or the paper is flimsy, you will wind up creating a bad impression. Seriously, brochure printing should be left to professionals. Desk jet printing of brochures will have the reverse affect of the intention!

Here’s a brochure that we design and printed for a customer who makes boxes from recycled paper. We printed this bi-fold brochure on heavy, coated stock for a first impression to appeal to the recipient’s senses: Sight as well as feel!

Brochure Printing

Contact us for your brochure printing and brochure design needs!