EMployee Handbooks

Even though some printed material is going away in favor of on-line versions, there are still many things that should be in hard copy print. One of those is employee handbooks. Printed employee handbooks provide employers with a greater level of confidence regarding employee participation. They are also more handy as a reference to employees versus an online handbook. Think about how much more handy printed directions are when you buy a new appliance! It’s super hard to stop, get your phone out, log into a site and try to follow installation instructions via the small surface of your smartphone. It’s the same with an employee handbook. The printed employee handbook is simply a more courteous avenue for imparting information.

We have an abundance of experience producing employee handbooks! Contact us for help with setting up and printing your employee handbooks. We do small runs to large runs of employee handbooks. Since this a job type that we do quickly and easily, we are able to give favorable

Here is a recent Employee Handbook job.

Design for Printing Atlanta

It is so important to understand the mechanics of printing when designing for print

Our main specialty when engaging in design work at Allegra Print Atlanta is designing for print projects. There are many things to consider when designing a job. Color, balance, font, design elements, message…the list goes on. All of these considerations are important when designing anything. However, there are many ‘mechanics’ that have to be considered when designing for print. If a designer doesn’t know about these ‘mechanics’, the piece must often be re-worked to make it ‘print-ready’. This re-working can be costly. Therefore, it makes the most sense to choose a graphic designer who can design for print.

What are these mechanics? Everything from creating a ‘bleed’ (making sure that the color goes ‘beyond’ the final size of the work), to understanding the limitations of each piece of equipment that must be included in the production process. Another important piece of knowledge is the understanding of paper stock, availability, thickness, and potential results.

Sometimes, if a designer doesn’t understand these considerations, they can come up with output that impossible to produce in an affordable manner. Booklets and invitations are particularly tricky if there isn’t any ‘mechanical’ consideration given.

In our experience owning a print production facility, it seems like the fly-by-night quickie and inexpensive designers that you can find on project posting sites don’t have any understanding of print mechanics. Often times, their ‘designs’ are almost worthless. Therefore, when considering a print project, please think about partnering with an experienced design for print graphic designer.


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Printing Services Atlanta

From Allegra Print Atlanta


This is a picture of us: Becky and Cam Roy. We’ve been married married for 34 years, and have owned Allegra Print Atlanta for half that time! Allegra offers printing services Atlanta. Use our expertise in your next project!

What kind of printing services?

You name it! We can do it!!

Printing Services Atlanta: Postcards, Brochures, Presentation Folders, Checks, Carbonless Forms including 2 part forms, 3 part forms, 4 part forms…, Media Guides, Booklets, Program Books, Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers,

We also Print: Signs, Banners, file folders, promotional items.

More Printing Services Atlanta: Mail services…let us help with the design, list acquisition, and mailing for your direct mail campaign.

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or email us for printing service atlanta design@allegraprints.com

Booklet Design and Booklet Printing

We do lots of booklet design and booklet printing at Allegra Atlanta. WE already mentioned that we print and design Media Guides and print program books. But we also do any other type of booklet printing you can imagine!

We recently printed booklets that required a bit paper delivery! We got this from Athens Paper.

Delivery of Paper Order for Booklet Printing

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Program Books

Program books are one of our specialities. We design program books and we also print program books. Over the years, one of our favorite deadline jobs has been a local scholarship pageant. Held at our county fairgrounds, this pageant features age groups from infant to teenagers. There is also a Miss America feeder pageant that is always enjoyable to watch.


This past year, we redesigned the program look to give it an updated look. We drew our inspiration from the updated Miss America sash. We changed the font to a clean san serif font, and decluttered the interior look.

Contact us if you need help with program book design or printing.