Custom Corporate PowerPoint Slides

An easy way to look professional!

A SUPER easy way to make your company or organization look very professional is to use custom PowerPoint slides for your presentations. While Microsoft offers a great variety of slides, these selections are available to everyone! Most people have seen these slide selections. Over, and over, and over. Differentiate yourself with a custom PowerPoint slide.

The examples below show a recent custom PowerPoint template I prepared for a start-up. This company has two divisions, and is also a re-seller for another manufacturer.

The custom PowerPoint templates for this project have a similar look to keep a cohesive theme. But each slide uses the colors found in their respective logos.

This project was inexpensive for the customer, but so useful. With most of their sales calls now on Zoom, the custom PowerPoint slides gave them a very professional image.

You should think about this for your organization. Contact us if you want to start a customPowerPoint template project!


Custom Graph Pages

At Allegra Atlanta Print, we print custom graph pages for many customers. Engineers, Architects, remodelers, and construction trades all need graph pages (also called grid pages). There are many uses for graph paper. But our customers use the grid pages as ‘to-scale’ take off sheets. We add the customer’s logo to the graph pages for a more professional look. We prepare the grid sheets in notepads. We also drill 3 holes on the left side of the graph paper so that the grid sheets can be inserted into a 3 ring binder.

Direct Mail Campaign – Atlanta

We can help you with all aspects of your direct mail campaign! We can help you secure a mailing list based on your parameters. In addition, we design the mail piece and print it. We do postcard printing, as well as letterhead and envelope printing. After printing, we address your direct mail piece, sort it for the best possible postage rates, and deliver to the post office. Recent jobs have included 1200+ personal letters folded and inserted in envelopes to announce a doctor’s requirement, and 30,000 postcards to announce a grand opening of a new car dealership. Big, or small, we have experience with mailing services, and direct mail campaigns!

Call us to start your direct mail campaign today!

Print Services Atlanta

We offer a wide variety of print services Atlanta. Some of the things we can print are: postcards, business, cards, flyers, envelopes, signs and banners. We’ve been doing this for almost twenty years! Print services are unique for each job. Most of the time, print services include bindery too. So for example, once we print business cards, they must be cut. Cutting is a bindery service. Once we print forms, they must be glued. Glueing is also a bindery service.


Call us today for help with your unique print services requirement! 770-455-4086

Booklet Design and Booklet Printing

We do lots of booklet design and booklet printing at Allegra Atlanta. WE already mentioned that we print and design Media Guides and print program books. But we also do any other type of booklet printing you can imagine!

We recently printed booklets that required a bit paper delivery! We got this from Athens Paper.
Delivery of Paper Order for Booklet Printing

Call or email us for our expertise in booklet design and booklet printing!

Program Books

Program books are one of our specialities. We design program books and we also print program books. Over the years, one of our favorite deadline jobs has been a local scholarship pageant. Held at our county fairgrounds, this pageant features age groups from infant to teenagers. There is also a Miss America feeder pageant that is always enjoyable to watch.

This past year, we redesigned the program look to give it an updated look. We drew our inspiration from the updated Miss America sash. We changed the font to a clean san serif font, and decluttered the interior look.

Contact us if you need help with program book design or printing.

Flyer Printing And Flyer Design

Here is a before and after of a redesign of a flyer that was nine years old. The client asked us to update the old flyer with their new branding, including new colors, new logo and additional locations. They use this as a sell sheet when visiting their prospects as well as existing customers. I’m very pleased with the new flyer design!
Before- Flyer

Calendar Time

January is right around the corner. And this means it’s time to think about your 2021 calendars. At Allegra – Atlanta Print, we offer a huge variety of calendars:

Desk calendars, wall calendars, sticker calendars. We can even custom design and print booklet size. calendar planners. Here are a few examples. of our work.

Last Minute Custom Holiday Cards

It’s not TOO LATE!! You still have time to do your custom designed holiday cards


We can help with your last minute holiday cards. We can custom design your holiday cards, print your holiday cards, and even address your holiday cards. And of course we print the envelopes!