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Brochures are still a very important marketing tool! Believe it or not in this digital age, people still like to give and receive brochures. There is an immediancy with putting a brochure in someone’s hands that isn’t there when you send an e-mail, or direct someone to a web-site. A well designed brochure, printed on quality paper will create a good impression with the recipient.

We design and print brochures for every imaginable type of organization. There are informational brochures for non-profits, and churches. There are sales brochures for leave behinds after a sales call. There are attraction brochures (or rack cards) at hotels. The types and uses of brochures are endless. But please remember, good design is super important in brochure printing. If the design is bad, or the resolution of the art isn’t high enough, or the paper is flimsy, you will wind up creating a bad impression. Seriously, brochure printing should be left to professionals. Desk jet printing of brochures will have the reverse affect of the intention!

Here’s a brochure that we design and printed for a customer who makes boxes from recycled paper. We printed this bi-fold brochure on heavy, coated stock for a first impression to appeal to the recipient’s senses: Sight as well as feel!

Brochure Printing

Contact us for your brochure printing and brochure design needs!

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Today I taught myself how to make a video on Adobe Creative Cloud Premier Rush. It’s my first video, so please be kind!

Graphic Design – Reproduction

Do you have a flyer or brochure you’d like updated?

But Don’t have the ORIGINAL art?

We specialize in reproducing a customer’s existing art work, so that updates and changes can be made.

It happens frequently that no one can find the original file. But you like the art. We can help!

Here is an example of our recreation work.

Brochure Recreation

We can also help with logo art. Do you have a jpeg, but need vector art? Call us!

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Custom printed t-shirts

t-shirt screen printing atlanta

We have experience custom designing and screen printing T-Shirts! We got involved in printing T-shirts by accident: Both of our kids were high school runners. The events that they ran in often needed T-shirts, and the organizers started turning to us. Years have gone by, and we still continue printing for many running events. We’ve also expanded our scope from printing running event T-shirts to printing T-shirts for many of our customers.

Whether you need printed T-shirts for an event or your company UNIFORMS, we can help!

Take a look here at some of the jobs we’ve done:

Graphic Design:

Marketing Flyers, Sell Sheets, Leave Behind Information

Whatever you call them, we specialize in the design and printing of flyers and sell sheets. Whether you want to send brochure or flyers to potential customers through a mail marketing campaign, or have sell sheets to leave behind after a sales call, we specialize in designing these type of marketing pieces.

If you need it, we can can also provide mail services associated with a mail marketing campaign. But that’s for another post. We can also print these flyers for you no matter the quantity you need. Or if a flyer is simply going to be a part of your digital campaign, we can provide the flyer in an electronic format.

Take a look here at some of our past pieces.

Direct mail campaigns

postcards, letters, return mail campaigns…we do it all!

We’ve got the experience and expertise to help you with all your direct mail campaigns. Whether you need the whole package:

  • Direct Mail Design
  • Direct Mail Lists
  • Direct Mail Printing
  • Direct Mail Envelopes
  • Direct Mail Return Envelopes

Or just an element or two of the above list, we’ve done it!

Call us when you need direct mail experts. We’ll advise you on the postage, and insure that you get the best possible rates for your campaign.

Take a look here at some of our recent direct mail campaigns:


Uses for Stickers and Labels

We have helped many customers with their sticker and label needs. We’re experts in helping you select the correct products. Whether you need a label with instructions for your product, or a weatherproof contact information sticker for your outdoor equipment, we know how to help!

Labels and stickers come in many different delivery formats also. We can provide you labels on rolls, on sheets, or as cut sizes. We can also do oversize labels in small to single quantities. We can even do specialty labels for your food products. For instance, we’ve provided HOT POUR labels for a barbecue sauce sell. These labels are applied to the container prior to the hot product being poured in. The labels are able to withstand the heat of the HOT POUR.

Some other examples of stickers labels and decals that we’re able to provide for customers are: Business card stickers which may be applied to leave behind materials, dealership labels which are removable, but can be used on the car to promote a feature or service, QR codes to be applied to equipment with a link to instructions, address labels, and calendar stickers.

As mentioned here, we can also do labels for your vehicles.

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