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Today I taught myself how to make a video on Adobe Creative Cloud Premier Rush. It’s my first video, so please be kind!

More on Wedding Invitations

For the almost 20 years we’ve been in the printing business, I’ve stayed away from doing wedding invitations. It just felt too scary for me (bridezilla, etc.) But now that the children of family and friends are starting to get married, we’re in the wedding invitation business! We’ve found a wonderful company that only sells through dealers (I’m a dealer): Carlson Craft. They produce super high quality but affordable invitations!! And you can order online!
Here is the link

And take a look at this video of my neice unboxing her invitations! She’s so cute, and the video made me a little teary!!

Quinceañeras Invitations

Quinceañera Invitaions in Atlanta Georgia

Let us help you with your Quinceañera invitations! We have a huge variety of Quinceañera invitations. Come in and look at our live samples, or view them online here:

Here are some pictures of our available quinceanera invitations
Quinceanera invite
Quinceanera invite
Quinceanera invitation
Quinceanera invite
quinceaneras invitations – Printing in atlanta

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ORder online!

Spring is the time to start thinking about Graduation Announcements! If you have someone graduating this year, take a look at our Graduation Announcement selections. We added a new feature: You can complete your order online, and have them sent straight to your home.

Here are a few examples of our offerings:

Graduation invitation
Graduation Announcement
Graduation Invitations
Graduation Announcement
Graduation Invitations

View and order your graduation announcements and graduation invitations online!

Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Wedding invitation design has become much more colorful and unique! In the past, brides would visit a print shop specializing in invitations, and select the look of their invitations from a set book of designs. These designs were very formal, and mostly inflexible with regard to wording. For instance, the invitation would usually start with the phrase ‘Mr. and Mrs. so and so request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter…’. Then the particulars would follow. The look of the invitations was very plain. Fonts were blocky, limited in selection, and only a single color. In addition, there was strict protocol to follow with regard to the packaging of the invitation. The invitation was a single panel. Following would be a tissue paper separator, then a response card with a stamped, addressed envelope.

The lack of choice and packaging restrictions were due to the limitations of the production equipment. Color for a small run on a printing press was cost prohibitive. The tissue paper was used to keep the potentially wet ink from smearing onto the other printed pieces.

But now, with digital printing presses, all bets are off! You can basically print any design you or your graphic designer can come up with! Color and font differentiation are the name of the game. Your wedding invitations should be as unique as you are.
Wedding Invitation Design

Invitation Print & Invitation Design

Always one of the most fun type of jobs: We do invitation design as well as invitation printing. We love to help you with your life’s celebrations! We like to hear about the specific interests of the people involved so that we can show their personality in the invitation design!

Here are a few examples of invitation design and invitation printing that we’ve done in the past. The Save the Date was for a beach wedding. Thus the beach theme. The baby shower ones were done for friends. One with a strong interest in cycling, the other for a fancy, bling friend.

Let us help you with your invitation design and invitation printing!


Last Minute Custom Holiday Cards

It’s not TOO LATE!! You still have time to do your custom designed holiday cards


We can help with your last minute holiday cards. We can custom design your holiday cards, print your holiday cards, and even address your holiday cards. And of course we print the envelopes!