More Uses for QR codes

QR CODES on magnets

There are sooo many uses for QR codes. As I’ve already shown here. And here

Here’s another idea. QR codes on magnets. Drive traffic to your web-site through the use of a QR code imprinted on magnets. There are so many possibilities within the magnet category. Take a look here for ideas:

QR codes on Magnets
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Custom Floor Mats

put your logo on floor mats

Take a look here at a recent custom floor mat job for one of our customers. They are a trucking company with many garage entrances. they decided they needed to spice up their industrial space with some custom floor mats. These particular floor mats are 4 feet by six feet. We provided them with 6 floor mats. Call us if you’d like to find out about custom floor mats for your place!


Fast Turn Around Pens in Atlanta

We’ll need about a week, but we can get you pens with your own custom image, logo, or text. Take a look at some of our available items here:


Custom Promotional Items

words of wisdom regarding promotional items

A few things to think about when you’re searching for custom promotional items:

  1. Almost everything you’re considering getting imprinted is manufactured overseas. Therefore, there is the possibility of ‘supply chain’ issues with any item you may be thinking of. The solution here is to remain flexible on your item selection.
  2. Some of the items you may be considering are being supplied by distributors in different parts of the country. Shipping costs and time will have to be built in to the price of the item that you’re interested in. The solution here is to remain flexible on your item selection.
  3. Although it is possible to get items sooner, I’d recommend building a two week time line for job delivery. If you need it sooner: The solution here is to remain flexible on your item selection.

A recent job

A great new customer just chose us for their project: Custom water bottles, custom drawstring back packs, custom pencils, and custom pens. We were able to deliver this project within 2 weeks! See pics of the project here:


Coffee Mugs In Atlanta

We are an Atlanta source for coffee mugs. But there are a few things to consider when thinking about coffee mugs:

  • There are minimum orders for coffee mugs: 24 is the minimum.
  • Orders take a minimum of 2 weeks to produce.

Call us at 770-455-4086

Or Email at

Atlanta Area Customized Movie and Show Props

Attention atlanta show prop buyers and prop managers!!

We have extensive experience helping with customized props! Our products have appeared in multiple episodes of a number of series shows as well as movies shot in the Atlanta area. We understand and can meet scene deadlines with a variety of customized props. Our turnaround is fast… usually less than a week (depending on the items), and often one day!!

Contact us with your needs and let us find a solution. We’ve done projects with small quantities to over a million!!

Here are just some of the projects we’ve been involved in:

Custom Wrapping Paper

Look at this!! Custom holiday wrapping paper. Put your name, put your pictures! We can ship anywhere!

custom wrapping paper
Add your name to make this custom wrapping paper
Add your name to make this custom wrapping paper
Add your name to make this custom wrapping paper

Look at this link for your selection–Parties/Wrapping-Paper/

Contact us to order

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Party Specific Promotional Items

How to take your event to the next level

Let us help you with event specific promotional items. We can help with creating items specific to your upcoming event. We can help with design and imprinting of promotional items. Here is an example of a small project that we recently completed for some friends.

The event was a “Stock the Bar/Stock the Toolshed” wedding shower. The couple’s theme focussed on their Scottish heritage, including a specific tartan. We created a few items centered on this theme that incorporated their tartan.

Here are two of the items we created:

Custom printed drink cooler (AKA beer coolie of Koozie…although this one isn’t the Koozie brand)

We used their plaid as a background, then created a logo to reflect the theme of the party. Since it was a Stock the Bar & Toolshed wedding shower, our logo featured a corkscrew and screwdriver!

You can look for items such as these here:

Here are the cocktail napkins we created. We also used the plaid for these custom printed napkins.

Custom printed cocktail napkins

You can click here for custom printed napkins

Or contact us today for help with the design and execution of your event custom promotional items!

Custom Promotional Items

Just what are custom promotional items? They are everyday items printed with a company or organization’s logo, designed to be given away.

The purpose of promotional items is to get the user to remember the giver. Then when it is time for the recipient to either buy something that the giver sells, or give something that the an organization needs hopefully, they will consider the promotional item giver.


Promotional items can be anything imprinted with your logo. Some examples of custom printed promotional items include: pens, notepads, keychains, water bottles, sticky notes, calendars, hand sanitizer and Yeti and Tervis Cups.

For a true sense of the possibilities of custom promotional items we can provide, click on this link:

Or call us for our promotional items expertise.