More Uses for QR codes

QR CODES on magnets

There are sooo many uses for QR codes. As I’ve already shown here. And here

Here’s another idea. QR codes on magnets. Drive traffic to your web-site through the use of a QR code imprinted on magnets. There are so many possibilities within the magnet category. Take a look here for ideas:

QR codes on Magnets
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Employee Referral Cards

Along the same lines as the previous post, employee referral programs are another way to attract employees. A customer with many manufacturing locations has instituted a cash reward program for employees who refer new hires. To promote this program, we printed business cards for department heads and managers to pass out to their employees.

The cards have a space for the referring employee to write their name, to ensure that they receive credit. We also used a QR code so that the recipient could go straight to the company’s hiring web-site to browse for jobs.

Below, see a generic example of the cards that we printed.

Front of card: Looks like a regular business card.
Back of card, with ring offer and job info

If you’re interested in instituting an employee referral program at your company, call us to help with ideas, design, and production.


Uses for Stickers and Labels

We have helped many customers with their sticker and label needs. We’re experts in helping you select the correct products. Whether you need a label with instructions for your product, or a weatherproof contact information sticker for your outdoor equipment, we know how to help!

Labels and stickers come in many different delivery formats also. We can provide you labels on rolls, on sheets, or as cut sizes. We can also do oversize labels in small to single quantities. We can even do specialty labels for your food products. For instance, we’ve provided HOT POUR labels for a barbecue sauce sell. These labels are applied to the container prior to the hot product being poured in. The labels are able to withstand the heat of the HOT POUR.

Some other examples of stickers labels and decals that we’re able to provide for customers are: Business card stickers which may be applied to leave behind materials, dealership labels which are removable, but can be used on the car to promote a feature or service, QR codes to be applied to equipment with a link to instructions, address labels, and calendar stickers.

As mentioned here, we can also do labels for your vehicles.

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Atlanta vehicle graphics

Look here!! See pics below for some of our recent vehicle graphics projects. We can help you turn a plain service vehicle into a driving advertisement for your company. Vehicle graphics can provide a professional image to your company. Vehicle graphics done correctly can elevate the first impression your customers experience. Vehicle graphics also promote your services or products on the roads.

And as always, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend QR codes on your vehicles is you’re promoting to the public. Think about this, you’re driving down the road, and reach a stop light. Right in front of you is a roofer’s service vehicle. You’re in the beginning stages of replacing your roof. Their phone number is on the back of the truck. You scramble to find a pen, and something to write on. Hurry!! Before the light turns green. Success! You got the number. You call later. Oh oops, wrong number! Now you’ve lost a potential roofer. And they’ve lost a customer!! On the other hand what if there had been a QR code on the back of the truck? All you would have to do is snap a pic of the QR code which directs you straight into the web-site, or phone number!! This one is a no-brainer.

Atlanta Vehicle Graphics
Example of an upcoming job (this one isn’t ours/we have a similar one in the works)

More Uses for QR codes

QR codes and Smart phones — A modern miracle

QR codes so useful! We’ve recently done several more projects using QR codes in completely different ways.

Here is an invitation for a ‘Stock the Bar -Stock the Toolshed’ wedding shower. We created and printed a QR code that goes straight into the couple’s registry. The invitation with a QR code makes it so easy for the invitee to scan the code with their phone and go straight into ordering a present!

Wedding Shower Invitation with QR code

Another job we just completed was QR codes for a fleet of commercial vehicles. The company is a consumer services provider. Their truck had their contact info, but we felt like a QR code to take potential customers straight to the company web-site. When their potential customers are stuck at a traffic light, they can scan the QR code to get to the web-site. Or if the service provider is parked at your neighbor’s house, and you could use their service too, you can just scan the QR code for info!

Here’s another project for an OB/GYN practice. One is a poster that they put in their examination rooms.The poster reminds the patients to register on the patient portal.

QR code for Patient Portal Registration

This one is given out to OB patients to remind them to pre-register at the hospital in anticipation of their child’s birth/hospital stay.

QR code for registration

If you questions about how you can use QR codes in your business or organization, call us!

QR codes and Print

How to use qr codes in print applications

First of all, what are QR codes? They are a readable code for smartphones, used to open an app, or web-site or contact info.

This QR code is a link to our web-site:
Allegra-Websote QR code

QR codes have many, many uses in print

One of our current projects involves creating and printing posters to be used in the exam rooms of a large OB/GYN practice. The office is trying to encourage their patients to sign up for the patient portal. We created a QR code for the poster that when scanned, takes the patient straight into the portal registration page.


Another current project involves printing magnets for a fleet of contractor’s trucks. The magnets will be placed on the rear of their trucks. The contractor’s name and services are highlighted on a mesh sticker on their rear window. The QR code will link to their web-site and contact info.

An ongoing project we do for an existing large customer who is continuously adding manufacturing facilities is NOW HIRING Business Cards with QR codes. They use these at job fairs to direct candidates to their hiring web-site.

Contact us today for ideas on how to incorporate QR codes into your communication plans. We are truly experts!

Let Us Help You With Your Stickers and Labels!

For your Industrial and Operational Needs

Stickers and labels are important tools for companies. Stickers and labels can meet many operational and promotional needs. We can help with all of these needs. Operationally, stickers and labels can be used for inventory, direction, and identification. Based on the application, stickers and labels are available in many different formats. You can get them in rolls, sheets, or as individual stickers (labels).

We can also do variable data stickers (variable data labels). We can provide stickers with individual UPC codes, item numbers, dates. Whatever your variable data needs, we can address them!

Often times, sticker and labels have industrial applications where weather durability is important. Equipment instructions, maintenance data, or service contact information can be printed on weather resistant material. We’re experts at this too!

Stickers and labels are also useful for promotion, Use a roll of stickers to label items for sale. You can use them to call attention to a unique feature, or promote a particular item. These labels and stickers can be manufactured on weatherproof substrates also.

We have capabilities for product stickers and labels too. We can even take care of your hot pour stickers and hot pour labels.


CALL or EMAIL us for Sticker and label printing help!

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