Design for Printing Atlanta

It is so important to understand the mechanics of printing when designing for print

Our main specialty when engaging in design work at Allegra Print Atlanta is designing for print projects. There are many things to consider when designing a job. Color, balance, font, design elements, message…the list goes on. All of these considerations are important when designing anything. However, there are many ‘mechanics’ that have to be considered when designing for print. If a designer doesn’t know about these ‘mechanics’, the piece must often be re-worked to make it ‘print-ready’. This re-working can be costly. Therefore, it makes the most sense to choose a graphic designer who can design for print.

What are these mechanics? Everything from creating a ‘bleed’ (making sure that the color goes ‘beyond’ the final size of the work), to understanding the limitations of each piece of equipment that must be included in the production process. Another important piece of knowledge is the understanding of paper stock, availability, thickness, and potential results.

Sometimes, if a designer doesn’t understand these considerations, they can come up with output that impossible to produce in an affordable manner. Booklets and invitations are particularly tricky if there isn’t any ‘mechanical’ consideration given.

In our experience owning a print production facility, it seems like the fly-by-night quickie and inexpensive designers that you can find on project posting sites don’t have any understanding of print mechanics. Often times, their ‘designs’ are almost worthless. Therefore, when considering a print project, please think about partnering with an experienced design for print graphic designer.


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Envelope Printing Atlanta

We do printing on all size envelopes

Call us when you need envelopes printed. We can print your corporate or organization’s logo on envelopes! We do a ton of envelope printing Atlanta! Allegra is one of a dwindling number of printers in the city who still actually owns the correct equipment to print envelopes.

We can print all sizes of envelopes:

  • A-2 Envelopes
  • A-7 Envelopes
  • Ten Envelopes
  • Ten Window Envelopes
  • Nine Envelopes
  • Coin Envelopes
  • 9 x 12 Envelopes
  • 10 x 13 Envelopes
  • Wallet Flap Envelopes

….And More!!

Email us when you need a large or small run of custom printed envelopes.

Look here to see more examples of our envelopes.

Let Us Help You With Your Stickers and Labels!

For your Industrial and Operational Needs

Stickers and labels are important tools for companies. Stickers and labels can meet many operational and promotional needs. We can help with all of these needs. Operationally, stickers and labels can be used for inventory, direction, and identification. Based on the application, stickers and labels are available in many different formats. You can get them in rolls, sheets, or as individual stickers (labels).

We can also do variable data stickers (variable data labels). We can provide stickers with individual UPC codes, item numbers, dates. Whatever your variable data needs, we can address them!

Often times, sticker and labels have industrial applications where weather durability is important. Equipment instructions, maintenance data, or service contact information can be printed on weather resistant material. We’re experts at this too!

Stickers and labels are also useful for promotion, Use a roll of stickers to label items for sale. You can use them to call attention to a unique feature, or promote a particular item. These labels and stickers can be manufactured on weatherproof substrates also.

We have capabilities for product stickers and labels too. We can even take care of your hot pour stickers and hot pour labels.


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sticker- printing


Printing Services Atlanta

From Allegra Print Atlanta


This is a picture of us: Becky and Cam Roy. We’ve been married married for 34 years, and have owned Allegra Print Atlanta for half that time! Allegra offers printing services Atlanta. Use our expertise in your next project!

What kind of printing services?

You name it! We can do it!!

Printing Services Atlanta: Postcards, Brochures, Presentation Folders, Checks, Carbonless Forms including 2 part forms, 3 part forms, 4 part forms…, Media Guides, Booklets, Program Books, Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers,

We also Print: Signs, Banners, file folders, promotional items.

More Printing Services Atlanta: Mail services…let us help with the design, list acquisition, and mailing for your direct mail campaign.

CAll us for printing services atlanta 770-455-4086

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Custom Printed Notepads

Let US Design and Print corporate Notepads

One easy way to get your customers to remember you is be giving them custom printed notepads with your information on them. A notepad is such a useful give- away because people see them and use them every single day! These are also useful give-aways to potential customers. Again for the same reason. People will use a notepad even day. And if they’re using a notepad with your information printed on them, you will be top of mind when they need you!


The design possibilites are endless. But it always useful to include your logo and contact information on your custom printed notepads. Above is an example of from the desk of style notepads.


In general, the more notepads you print, the cheaper the unit cost becomes. We can print notepads in any size you’d like. The most common sizes are 8.5″ x 11″, 4.25″ x 5.5″, and 5.5″ x 8.5″.


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Custom Corporate PowerPoint Slides

An easy way to look professional!

A SUPER easy way to make your company or organization look very professional is to use custom PowerPoint slides for your presentations. While Microsoft offers a great variety of slides, these selections are available to everyone! Most people have seen these slide selections. Over, and over, and over. Differentiate yourself with a custom PowerPoint slide.

The examples below show a recent custom PowerPoint template I prepared for a start-up. This company has two divisions, and is also a re-seller for another manufacturer.

The custom PowerPoint templates for this project have a similar look to keep a cohesive theme. But each slide uses the colors found in their respective logos.

This project was inexpensive for the customer, but so useful. With most of their sales calls now on Zoom, the custom PowerPoint slides gave them a very professional image.

You should think about this for your organization. Contact us if you want to start a customPowerPoint template project!


Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Wedding invitation design has become much more colorful and unique! In the past, brides would visit a print shop specializing in invitations, and select the look of their invitations from a set book of designs. These designs were very formal, and mostly inflexible with regard to wording. For instance, the invitation would usually start with the phrase ‘Mr. and Mrs. so and so request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter…’. Then the particulars would follow. The look of the invitations was very plain. Fonts were blocky, limited in selection, and only a single color. In addition, there was strict protocol to follow with regard to the packaging of the invitation. The invitation was a single panel. Following would be a tissue paper separator, then a response card with a stamped, addressed envelope.

The lack of choice and packaging restrictions were due to the limitations of the production equipment. Color for a small run on a printing press was cost prohibitive. The tissue paper was used to keep the potentially wet ink from smearing onto the other printed pieces.

But now, with digital printing presses, all bets are off! You can basically print any design you or your graphic designer can come up with! Color and font differentiation are the name of the game. Your wedding invitations should be as unique as you are.
Wedding Invitation Design

Funeral Programs

A funeral program is a program of the events of a funeral ceremony as well as a keepsake memory of the individual. By their very nature, custom funeral programs are rush jobs. Even though we must design and print them quickly, we take pride in providing a keepsake that is elegant, tasteful and timeless. I still have the funeral program from my father’s funeral. We didn’t design or print it. When I look at it, I feel bad that it’s not a very nice program. It doesn’t represent his life.

Funeral program structure: We normally do 8 pages (but can do more or less). Given the structure of the funeral program (a booklet), the number of pages should be divisible by 4 (4,8,12,16…) Each page is 8.5” tall by 5.5” wide. (but we can do other sizes of funeral programs). The cover generally has a picture as well as their name and life information. The next page of the funeral program is the order of service. Page 3 of the funeral program is the obituary. Pages 2-4 are photos and or tributes. And finally, the last page lists any participants in the service (i.e. pallbearers etc.).

Custom Graph Pages

At Allegra Atlanta Print, we print custom graph pages for many customers. Engineers, Architects, remodelers, and construction trades all need graph pages (also called grid pages). There are many uses for graph paper. But our customers use the grid pages as ‘to-scale’ take off sheets. We add the customer’s logo to the graph pages for a more professional look. We prepare the grid sheets in notepads. We also drill 3 holes on the left side of the graph paper so that the grid sheets can be inserted into a 3 ring binder.

Label Printing

At Allegra Atlanta, we do all types of label printing and sticker printing. Whether you want labels printed on rolls or stickers printed on sheets, we can meet your needs. We do many ongoing label printing projects, including: operational label printing, promotional label printing, and holiday sticker printing.

We do truck inspection stickers, DOT inspection stickers, and product label printing.

We can also print holiday labels.

And let us help you with your marketing label printing!