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Brochure Printing Atlanta

And Brochure Design Atlanta

Brochures are still a very important marketing tool! Believe it or not in this digital age, people still like to give and receive brochures. There is an immediancy with putting a brochure in someone’s hands that isn’t there when you send an e-mail, or direct someone to a web-site. A well designed brochure, printed on quality paper will create a good impression with the recipient.

We design and print brochures for every imaginable type of organization. There are informational brochures for non-profits, and churches. There are sales brochures for leave behinds after a sales call. There are attraction brochures (or rack cards) at hotels. The types and uses of brochures are endless. But please remember, good design is super important in brochure printing. If the design is bad, or the resolution of the art isn’t high enough, or the paper is flimsy, you will wind up creating a bad impression. Seriously, brochure printing should be left to professionals. Desk jet printing of brochures will have the reverse affect of the intention!

Here’s a brochure that we design and printed for a customer who makes boxes from recycled paper. We printed this bi-fold brochure on heavy, coated stock for a first impression to appeal to the recipient’s senses: Sight as well as feel!

Brochure Printing

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Retractable Banner Printing Atlanta

So, last week we talked about banner printing in general. But there are some specific banners I’d like to discuss today: Retractable Banners.

Retractable banners are a portable, reusable banner that retracts into a relatively compact stand. Retractable banners come in many sizes, but the most used sizes are table top, and floor. The table top is 8.25 x 17, and is used at shows or events that have table type booths. Table top banners are an affordable means to add a professional look to your booth. The customer that ordered these from us used them at college recruiting events. We printed these retractable banners. We also designed these retractable banners.
Tabletop Retractable Banner
Free Standing Retractable Banner

Free Standing Banners are used for shows and events, and can be easily stored when not in use. Some of our customers use retractable banners to decorate their sales or showroom floor. They are also used in lobbies to brighten up the surroundings or announce events. The most common size of retractable banners are 33″ x 79″. The banners in a retractable stand can easily be changed out, and we also provide a re-fill for your existing retractable banner stand.
retractable banner back

We can also help with the design of your retractable banner.

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Banner Printing Atlanta

Custom Banner Design TOo!

If you have a physical location for your business, banners are a great way to catch the eye of potential customers as they pass by. Our customers use banners for everything from listing their services, to announcing a promotion.

I pass by one of our custom printed banners in Atlanta everyday on my way home from work. The business is a truck leasing location which also offers truck repairs. They’ve got a box truck parked out near the edge of the state route with the banner strapped to the side…like a billboard. I’d show a pic of it, but it’s a bit weathered now, and the truck is kind of run down looking. Hey! I need to tell them it’s time to for a new banner print!

Graduation Banners Atlanta

Graduation Banners are another big. This is the one we printed the year my son graduated. We also designed this banner. My favorite thing about this design is that the font was big enough for people to read when they passed by!

Graduation Banner Printing Atlanta

Tear Drop Banner PriNting Atlanta

Tear Drop Banners are another way to attract attention. Here’s one we did for a car dealership. They use the tear drop banner at events.

Tear Drop Banner
Tear-Drop-Banner- Printing-Atlanta

Table top banner printing atlanta

Table top banners may be used in a variety of settings. The table top banners pictured here are used when this college participates in recruiting events (current COVID-19 situation not withstanding!).


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Presentation Folder Printing

AKA custom pocket folders

Presentation folder printing is available in many different sizes and formats. Some of the common features of custom presentation folders are that they usually have one or more pockets, one or more folds, and one or more business card slits. While the most popular presentation folder is a 9 x 12 bi-fold that opens to 18 by 12, we’ve done all sorts of different size custom pocket folders. One of our customers has a 2 fold folder that serves as both brochure as well as a folder. The first two pages are the brochure part, and the far right side is the pocket and business card slit side.

custom printed presentation folders

We can also do small size pocket folders. We regularly do the wallet pocket folders for car dealerships who fold and place any repair paperwork in the pocket. These ‘wallet pocket folders’ are usually kept in the glove compartment of a car to store maintenance records.

We can also do fancy finishes such as foil stamping, and or embossing for a very elegant custom presentation folder.

Presentation Folder Printing
Custom Pocket Folders

Call us for help with your custom pocket folder project. Even if you’re on a budget, we can help with a solution.

The presentation folder is an important part of a business’ image. Whatever you do, don’t opt for something cheap and cheap looking. Recently, my husband went to a periodontist. He needed to get some pricey work done on his gums. The practice sent him home with his paperwork in a Wal-mart school supply aisle folder with a WORD document sticker slapped on the front. The folder created a bad impression. And It made us wonder if they cut corners on their work also. Don’t be like that!!


Business Cards

Still a very IMPORTANT part of doing business

Business Cards are still a very important part business today. As much as we’ve come to rely on smartphones for everything from the news and weather to instant communication, people still use business Business Cards. A Lot!

Business Cards convey an image

In addition to providing the recipient with the giver’s contact info, the business card also convey’s the company or organization’s image. Corporate colors, as well as the logo are used on business cards.

Business Cards with pictures

Some people/companies like to their image on their business cards. Real Estate Agents seem to always like to have pictures of themselves on their cards. Car dealerships often feature a car. We do business cards with pictures!
Business Card Printing with photos

We also do all kinds of fancy effects on business cards. For instance, we can do embossing, foil embossing, folding business, cards, and raised print to name a few.

Take a look at the possibilities here

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QR codes and Print

How to use qr codes in print applications

First of all, what are QR codes? They are a readable code for smartphones, used to open an app, or web-site or contact info.

This QR code is a link to our web-site:
Allegra-Websote QR code

QR codes have many, many uses in print

One of our current projects involves creating and printing posters to be used in the exam rooms of a large OB/GYN practice. The office is trying to encourage their patients to sign up for the patient portal. We created a QR code for the poster that when scanned, takes the patient straight into the portal registration page.


Another current project involves printing magnets for a fleet of contractor’s trucks. The magnets will be placed on the rear of their trucks. The contractor’s name and services are highlighted on a mesh sticker on their rear window. The QR code will link to their web-site and contact info.

An ongoing project we do for an existing large customer who is continuously adding manufacturing facilities is NOW HIRING Business Cards with QR codes. They use these at job fairs to direct candidates to their hiring web-site.

Contact us today for ideas on how to incorporate QR codes into your communication plans. We are truly experts!

Design for Printing Atlanta

It is so important to understand the mechanics of printing when designing for print

Our main specialty when engaging in design work at Allegra Print Atlanta is designing for print projects. There are many things to consider when designing a job. Color, balance, font, design elements, message…the list goes on. All of these considerations are important when designing anything. However, there are many ‘mechanics’ that have to be considered when designing for print. If a designer doesn’t know about these ‘mechanics’, the piece must often be re-worked to make it ‘print-ready’. This re-working can be costly. Therefore, it makes the most sense to choose a graphic designer who can design for print.

What are these mechanics? Everything from creating a ‘bleed’ (making sure that the color goes ‘beyond’ the final size of the work), to understanding the limitations of each piece of equipment that must be included in the production process. Another important piece of knowledge is the understanding of paper stock, availability, thickness, and potential results.

Sometimes, if a designer doesn’t understand these considerations, they can come up with output that impossible to produce in an affordable manner. Booklets and invitations are particularly tricky if there isn’t any ‘mechanical’ consideration given.

In our experience owning a print production facility, it seems like the fly-by-night quickie and inexpensive designers that you can find on project posting sites don’t have any understanding of print mechanics. Often times, their ‘designs’ are almost worthless. Therefore, when considering a print project, please think about partnering with an experienced design for print graphic designer.


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Custom Powerpoint Template

More Interesting Information on Custom PowerPoint Slide Templates

PROMOtion: $75 for COver Template and Interior Template

Last week, we discussed how a custom PowerPoint template will really up your game in terms of looking professional. Especially now! During this time of Covid-19 lock-downs, and working from home, and zoom meetings! SO. MANY. ZOOM. MEETINGS!!

You use the PowerPoint templates every time you’re creating a presentation. If you have a custom designed template, specific to your company, it helps reinforce your image with your audience.

When design a template, It’s important to use your logo, and your corporate colors. Don’t have corporate colors? It’s time to get some. If you have a logo, you need corporate colors. Either pull the colors from the logos. Or choose complementary colors.

Setting up a template is a little bit tricky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could eat up hours of your time. But once you have it, you’re set.

We’re experts at creating just the right PowerPoint template. Along with your colors, and logo, tell us what you’re trying to convey. Seriousness? Fun? Corporate? Creative? Our design will take into consideration all of these factors.

Consider taking advantage of our custom PowerPoint Template promotion!

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Custom Design PowerPoint Slide

Envelope Printing Atlanta

We do printing on all size envelopes

Call us when you need envelopes printed. We can print your corporate or organization’s logo on envelopes! We do a ton of envelope printing Atlanta! Allegra is one of a dwindling number of printers in the city who still actually owns the correct equipment to print envelopes.

We can print all sizes of envelopes:

  • A-2 Envelopes
  • A-7 Envelopes
  • Ten Envelopes
  • Ten Window Envelopes
  • Nine Envelopes
  • Coin Envelopes
  • 9 x 12 Envelopes
  • 10 x 13 Envelopes
  • Wallet Flap Envelopes

….And More!!

Email us when you need a large or small run of custom printed envelopes.

Look here to see more examples of our envelopes.

Let Us Help You With Your Stickers and Labels!

For your Industrial and Operational Needs

Stickers and labels are important tools for companies. Stickers and labels can meet many operational and promotional needs. We can help with all of these needs. Operationally, stickers and labels can be used for inventory, direction, and identification. Based on the application, stickers and labels are available in many different formats. You can get them in rolls, sheets, or as individual stickers (labels).

We can also do variable data stickers (variable data labels). We can provide stickers with individual UPC codes, item numbers, dates. Whatever your variable data needs, we can address them!

Often times, sticker and labels have industrial applications where weather durability is important. Equipment instructions, maintenance data, or service contact information can be printed on weather resistant material. We’re experts at this too!

Stickers and labels are also useful for promotion, Use a roll of stickers to label items for sale. You can use them to call attention to a unique feature, or promote a particular item. These labels and stickers can be manufactured on weatherproof substrates also.

We have capabilities for product stickers and labels too. We can even take care of your hot pour stickers and hot pour labels.


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