Booklet Design and Booklet Printing

We do lots of booklet design and booklet printing at Allegra Atlanta. WE already mentioned that we print and design Media Guides and print program books. But we also do any other type of booklet printing you can imagine!

We recently printed booklets that required a bit paper delivery! We got this from Athens Paper.
Delivery of Paper Order for Booklet Printing

Call or email us for our expertise in booklet design and booklet printing!

Program Books

Program books are one of our specialities. We design program books and we also print program books. Over the years, one of our favorite deadline jobs has been a local scholarship pageant. Held at our county fairgrounds, this pageant features age groups from infant to teenagers. There is also a Miss America feeder pageant that is always enjoyable to watch.

This past year, we redesigned the program look to give it an updated look. We drew our inspiration from the updated Miss America sash. We changed the font to a clean san serif font, and decluttered the interior look.

Contact us if you need help with program book design or printing.