Business Cards

Still a very IMPORTANT part of doing business

Business Cards are still a very important part business today. As much as we’ve come to rely on smartphones for everything from the news and weather to instant communication, people still use business Business Cards. A Lot!

Business Cards convey an image

In addition to providing the recipient with the giver’s contact info, the business card also convey’s the company or organization’s image. Corporate colors, as well as the logo are used on business cards.

Business Cards with pictures

Some people/companies like to their image on their business cards. Real Estate Agents seem to always like to have pictures of themselves on their cards. Car dealerships often feature a car. We do business cards with pictures!
Business Card Printing with photos

We also do all kinds of fancy effects on business cards. For instance, we can do embossing, foil embossing, folding business, cards, and raised print to name a few.

Take a look at the possibilities here

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Business Cards

We design and print business cards. One of the ‘interesting’ things about business cards is the how they’re printed and then cut. The most common size of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. Once the customer agrees on the set up, we print the business cards as multiple ‘ups’ on a sheet of card stock.

So you can get 8-12 business cards on a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet. If a customer wants 500 cards, we print 50 sheets.

We use an industrial guillotine cutter to cut them down into individual business cards.

The business cards are cut into smaller and smaller increments until we get individual cards.