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We’ll need about a week, but we can get you pens with your own custom image, logo, or text. Take a look at some of our available items here:


Party Specific Promotional Items

How to take your event to the next level

Let us help you with event specific promotional items. We can help with creating items specific to your upcoming event. We can help with design and imprinting of promotional items. Here is an example of a small project that we recently completed for some friends.

The event was a “Stock the Bar/Stock the Toolshed” wedding shower. The couple’s theme focussed on their Scottish heritage, including a specific tartan. We created a few items centered on this theme that incorporated their tartan.

Here are two of the items we created:

Custom printed drink cooler (AKA beer coolie of Koozie…although this one isn’t the Koozie brand)

We used their plaid as a background, then created a logo to reflect the theme of the party. Since it was a Stock the Bar & Toolshed wedding shower, our logo featured a corkscrew and screwdriver!

You can look for items such as these here:

Here are the cocktail napkins we created. We also used the plaid for these custom printed napkins.

Custom printed cocktail napkins

You can click here for custom printed napkins

Or contact us today for help with the design and execution of your event custom promotional items!

Custom Promotional Items

Just what are custom promotional items? They are everyday items printed with a company or organization’s logo, designed to be given away.

The purpose of promotional items is to get the user to remember the giver. Then when it is time for the recipient to either buy something that the giver sells, or give something that the an organization needs hopefully, they will consider the promotional item giver.


Promotional items can be anything imprinted with your logo. Some examples of custom printed promotional items include: pens, notepads, keychains, water bottles, sticky notes, calendars, hand sanitizer and Yeti and Tervis Cups.

For a true sense of the possibilities of custom promotional items we can provide, click on this link:

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