Logo Design

We design logos! Logo Design is an involved process which requires a lot of communication with your client.

LOGO DESIGN Considerations:

  • What type of group needs the logo? A Company? A Non-Profit? A Start-Up? A re-design of an existing logo?
  • What is the nature of the group? What are they trying to sell if they’re a company? Or who are they trying to help if they’re a non-profit?
  • What color(s)?
  • Any font preferences?
  • Do they want specific symbols?
  • What mood are they trying to convey? Serious? Fun? Reliable…

Here is a series of logo design efforts for a recent client. You can see, we went through many logo design versions before we arrived at the final.

  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign1.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign2.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign4.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign5.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign6.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign7.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign9.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign3.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign11.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign12.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign13.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign15.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign17.jpg
  • www.allegraprints.com/logodesign19.jpg

This customer wanted a logo design for their new start-up: a Bio Bank that will use cold storage to store biological samples such as blood, DNA, viruses. The customer wanted the logo to convey ‘cold’. We also tried versions which showed what they were storing. Along the way, we experimented with different colors as well as fonts. Below, please see the final logo design!


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